Pyrophyllite in Paints and coatings :

Our very white pyrophyllite range of products are excellent natural inert filler which benefits the paint formulation in many ways.

  • Due to its chemical structure it exhibits low oil absorption properties
  • Enables low voc levels and higher filling rates in the paint formulations.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improves surface hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Flatting and matting agent
  • Excellent TiO2 spacer and hiding agent

Best Suited for :
Exterior paints, Decorative paints, Industrial paints and decorative paints.


Pyrophyllite in Wires and Cables :

Due to higher melting temperatures than talc, our white platy pyrophyllite products have improved fire resistant, electrical and mechanical properties which improves the performance of the cable wires.

We also have a specialized grade of treated white pyrophyllite product which acts as a very cost effective substitute for precipitated silica, the material acts as tear resistant properties, tensile strength, abrasion resistant and giving longer life and durability to the end product.

Pyrophyllite in Paper products :

Pitch control

The platy particles of our white pyrophyllite product attracts pitch which sticks on its particles thereby preventing it from agglomerating.

Cost effectiveness

As an excellent platy white filler our inert pyrophyllite material acts as a super filler for reducing the formulation costs with higher loadings without affecting the paper quality.

Paper Strength

The platy particles of our material ensures higher strength potential for paper products whereby increasing the loading levels and maintaining the ink blotting abilities and finish of paper.