What is Pyrophyllite

Pyrophyllite is a phyllosilicate mineral composed of aluminium silicate hydroxide: Al2Si4O10(OH)2. It resembles closely with talc in many physical and optical properties but differs chemically. The only difference is talc contains Mgo instead of Alumina. Physically there is no much difference in the pyrophyllite ore and talc ore, the color of the stone varies from slightly yellow to pale green and the powder is white in color.

As a white non metallic industrial mineral it finds many uses in industrial applications. If compared with talc this single product has more end uses than what talc as a minerals has.

With abundance of pyrophyllite resources and increasing end use this multi specialty mineral is replacing many minerals and is been accepted by numerous industrial applications. The major benefit is single mineral which finds various alternative uses and is cost effective / economically effective then other minerals namely pure talc / white kaolin and silica's. Some of the major end use of pyrophyllite is in the Paints and Coating industry, Paper, Rubber, Adhesives and sealants, Technical ceramics, Fertilizers, Agriculture, Plastics, Foundries and Refracories and Fiber glass.

With varieties of pyrophyllite deposits, the pyrophyllite rock also find its use in the sculpture and carving . Various colors of pyrophyllite minerals are used by artisans in fine carving of sculptures across the world.

Mining of Pyrophyllite :

Our mining operations of pyrophyllite mineral are spread across various states of Rajasthan, MP, UP and Andra pradesh. Each grade of pyrophyllite from various states has specific / unique mineral characteristics which are useful for certain end used industry applications. This process of centralised production helps us in effective utilization of our raw material to the best industry need.

We bring together the raw materials to our processing facilities and stock them . The stocked raw material is then been used for further processing (crushing / screening/ grinding/ micro milling and classifying).