Machinable pyrophyllite

Pyrophyllite is a special natural mineral which has certain features of a natural ceramic, which makes it possible to machine it to various size and shapes and further heat treat it for specific applications.

The machined and made to size specific engineered pyrophyllite parts are used for :

  • Pressure valves
  • Electrical engineering parts
  • Insulation parts
  • Scientific prototypes
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Heat resistant nozzles / parts
  • Synthetic crystals
  • Gaskit material for industrial diamond manufacturing

We manufacture various natural pyrophyllite (untreated/ unheated) shaped parts as per customer requirement ranging from bricks, blocks, tiles or any custom shapes. The parts are easily machinable to desired shapes with 99.9% accuracy and smoothness.

Heat treatment is also been given to the machinable parts to increase its mechanical and physical properties and strength. This hear treated material is more desirable to high heat and pressure environment.

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